After months and months of looking at countless commercial locations all over Los Angeles for a space to build a new studio in, Dario Forzato and I finally found a place that met all of our criteria. The following is my attempt to chronicle the process of converting a bare bones commercial space into a recording studio.  


Our goal is to have a couple production/writing rooms, a shared live room that each writing room can interface into, and an overall environment where we can be as loud as we want at any hour of the day and not disturb anyone.  All of this without entirely breaking the bank.

Here's what the space looked like when we got it.   

This video was taken at the initial walkthrough.  This is coming in through the front entrance and is about a 3rd of the total space. The previous tenant, an upholsterer, still hadn't removed any of his things.  

One of the reasons we chose this location was the 12 ft ceilings.  Also, there was only one existing interior wall.  So demolishing everything and getting ready for construction was somewhat easy.